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What to expect when you have your taxes prepared by a VITA volunteer:

  • All returns will be prepared remotely; there will be no contact between the individual and the VITA volunteer preparing the tax return.
  • All returns will be prepared BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Anticipated turn-around time for return preparation is 7-10 days. You will be scheduled a time when your completed tax return can be picked up.
  • Everyone having their taxes prepared by a VITA volunteer MUST fill out the IRS-required forms with tax-related information and give their consent to have their return prepared remotely. Tax returns cannot be prepared if consent is not given. These forms are included with the Intake Packet available for download from this site. It can be also requested by sending an email to the site where your tax return is being prepared. Nashua email address is Hudson email address is
  • In addition to the IRS forms, the Intake Packet contains instruction on how to prepare your information for processing by VITA volunteers (Documents to Include, Drop-Off and Pick-Up instructions, etc.). We strongly suggest that you read over this information carefully before requesting an appointment as information contained in the packet will help you determine if you are eligible and want to have your taxes prepared by a VITA volunteer.
  • VITA volunteers will assist filers in maximizing their return through credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). More information on the EITC and other available tax credits is available HERE.
  • The types of tax returns VITA volunteers can prepare is limited. Please review the “Type of Returns Volunteers Can’t Prepare” list included in the Intake Packet to make sure that any of the examples given do not relate to your situation. A basic list of those types of returns that are ineligible is on the next page.
  • Help is available if you are missing documents requested in the Intake Package. Ideas on how to get these documents is included on the “Missing Documents” page.
  • There are additional free tax preparation services available if you do not qualify for those provided by the Nashua and Hudson VITA program. Many are included at Additional options for preparing your tax return free of charge are provided on the IRS website Free File: Do your Federal Taxes for Free | Internal Revenue Service ( IRS Free File options are available for those who earn less than $72,000 and those whose income is greater than $72,000.


Looking for more information about VITA tax prep services in Nashua & Hudson? Follow these links:

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