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United Way of Greater Nashua is a volunteer driven organization

United Way of Greater Nashua is organized as follows (effective 2019)


Governance Board: This group of volunteers is responsible for the fiduciary and governance functions of the organization. It includes the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, Resource Development Chair, Community Advisory Council Chair, Community Investment Committee Chair, Community Assessment Chair, and several At-Large members. The Governance Board meets monthly. Ultimately, the President of the organization reports to the Governance Board.


Community Advisory Council: This group includes ALL members of the Governance Board, but also representatives from a broad representation in the community. The role of the Community Advisory Council, ultimately, is to create a two way dialogue between the community and the organization wherein the work of United Way is known to the community and the work of the United Way is guided by the community. The CAC meets 6 times per year.


Committees: Several committees are responsible for the ongoing work of the organization. These include:

  • Community Assessment: responsible for collecting data on the needs of the community to advise the work of the organization, with a focus on health, education, and financial stability.
  • Community Investment: responsible for making decisions about the granting of United Way funds in local nonprofit work, through the lens of a framework created by the community assessment.
  • Finance: responsible of reviewing monthly results in terms of revenue and expenses to budget and to advise course corrections as needed to accomplish the organizations work.
  • Community Events: responsible for the planning and execution of all days of caring and other events including fundraising events and recognition events.
  • Marketing: responsible for supporting the branding and outreach of the organization to ensure that work is known in the community.
  • Resource Development: responsible for revenue generation, including workplace giving, sponsorships, individual donations, planned giving, and fundraising events.
  • Personnel: responsible for working with United Way professional staff on hiring, evaluations, policy, etc.
  • Nominating: responsible for identifying and recruiting new members of the Advisory Council and Governance Board.
  • Advocacy: currently being developed in order to ensure that United Way advocates on issues of importance to the community. In the past this has included topics related to housing security, education, and health.
  • Other Ad-Hoc Committees: periodically, United Way charters a number of ad-hoc committees, including Policy, Strategic Planning, and others, as needed.


Professional Staff at United Way of Greater Nashua:

United Way maintains a small but impactful professional staff. Currently, our four full time professional positions are:

  • President: responsible for overall leadership of the organization.
  • Director of Community Impact: responsible for directing the organization’s community assessment and investment process and working with partnering organizations to ensure that work is impactful, measurable, and accountable.
  • Director of Volunteer and Community Engagement: responsible for cultivation relationships with volunteers and creating and engaged and diverse volunteer experience.
  • Director of Corporate Partnerships: responsible for cultivating meaningful relationships with businesses and other groups that are mutually beneficial and that benefit the community safety net.
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