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Community Assessment

Periodically United Way of Greater Nashua conducts a needs assessment to inform our work. This is a two-step process. The first step is to gather and analyze available data from local, state and federal sources about how our community measures up in the areas of Health, Education and Economic Mobility. This data is reviewed and summarized at a very high level into areas where our community is strong and areas where our community needs to focus more attention. The second step is to take that data summary out to community members from all walks of life. Through facilitated, inclusive dialogue and other community engagement strategies community members and donors can weigh-in on the data from their perspective and unique life experiences.
Community engagement is the most critical part of the Community Needs Assessment. Each of us experiences our community in a unique way and having a wide variety of stakeholders provides the input needed to ensure that we uncover gaps in the data and potential inequities in access to services. It also helps to illustrate where there may be interest and momentum to act on a need. The results of each needs assessment provide the foundations for all our efforts including our investment of the Community Impact Fund, Special Initiatives and Days of Caring.

Data Sources

United Way Global Strategic Framework,  United Way WorldWide

RWJ County Rankings, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Greater Nashua Community Health Assessment, Greater Nashua Public Health

Nashua Regional Plan, Nashua Regional Planning Commission

Carsey Institute Library, University of NH

Kids Count Datebook, Anne E. Casey Foundation

2017-2018 Annual Report, Southern NH Services

2018 Top Calls to 211NH Reports, 211NH

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