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United Way Donation Boxes

What is a donation box?

Over the past several months the United Way of Greater Nashua has been working with local merchants to place donation collection boxes on the counters of many of the stores you visit every day. In the next several weeks we are expanding this effort and you will begin to see donation boxes for the United Way in a growing number of stores and businesses throughout our community.

While many may have seen these boxes over the past months, many don’t know what they are for. The United Way leverages the small donations left in these boxes at participating locations to address serious concerns facing our community.

Previously our program focused on our COVID Rapid Response Fund and the Learning United Program.  Your contributions helped as these efforts provided over 700 laptops and 475 Wi-Fi hotspots to students who need access to remote learning.

Our COVID Rapid Response Fund has given over 10,000 non-perishable food items to local food pantries, and over 8,400 community residents have received free produce from local pop-up pantries.  While our donation boxes did not fully fund these activities; the funds raised were used to support these efforts.

How are your donations helping the community?

Currently, donations are going to the greater Nashua youth homelessness fund!
While the pandemic and the aftereffects of COVID still linger we have programs that are addressing these issues. With this in mind we, are refocusing our small donations received via this program to focus on addressing the challenge of youth homelessness in our community.  Every cent you put in a donation box will help provide support to those that our living on our streets every day – whether it be housing, food, clean clothing or other types of support to some of the most vulnerable citizens in our community.

Think your pocket change doesn’t make a difference?  If we collect 50 cents from four people that will provide meals to one homeless teen; if we can collect that from 100 people we can provide access to clean clothes, housing, or shelter. This can be the start of a new life for community members who have been lost to homelessness, poverty, and despair.

Where are the donation boxes located?

Support for this project in the community has been overwhelming. To date we are nearly one-third of the way to our annual goal, but we have a long way to go. This project is being supported not only by those providing donations, but by the locations are currently hosting our donation boxes — and the number of locations supporting these efforts is growing.

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