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Host a United Way Donation Box

All it takes to be a donation box host is to have one or more boxes located in your place of business that are accessible for clients, visitors, or employees during normal business hours. The boxes are provided as a courtesy and are of no cost to the business hosting a box.

 What are the benefits of hosting a donation box in your business?

  • Provides an opportunity to raise money for local needs.
  • Shows your customers that you are engaged in the local community.
  • Receive shout-outs from the UWGN.

UWGN will encourage the community to support those community-based businesses that host our donation boxes – show them that they patronize local businesses that support our community.

You can help us spread the word. If you are a store owner or know someone who is — let us know if we can place a collection box at that location. In addition to developing new sites to place these boxes, let your friends, family and other community members know of this project and encourage them to contribute.

Those interested in receiving a box can contact United Way at 603-882-4011 or

To recognize local business that support this effort the United Way is acknowledging their contribution to our community by listing their business as community sponsors at (address). Please take a moment to review the list and recognize them for their efforts.


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