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Grow Nashua

Grow Nashua is growing urban vegetable farms for the families of Nashua and using this common ground to empower people to strengthen their own community relationships. Through collaborations with over twenty organizations we are developing ​urban farms, school gardens​,​ ​and a Food Council that will help improve food awareness and food access for everyone in our city.


Beyond the benefits of providing nutritious food, this program brings a sense of shared community that can be so hard to find these days. We have established the Learning Garden at St. Joseph’s hospital that has ​trained ​twenty families to grow their own vegetables ​as well as form friendships over common ground. For us the ability to be able to not only provide the knowledge and training to allow someone to grow their own fresh food, but also to provide them a space to build community is at the core of our program and what will allow our gardens to become strong assets in our community neighborhoods.

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