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We have created a volunteer-driven online system for grocery shopping for individuals and families who are quarantined or cannot access public transportation. You can submit your grocery list here:


If you are interested in being a volunteer shopper for this program, you can sign up at


Here are some important notes before you start:


1. If you want to shop from Shaws, Aldi, BJ’s, Costco, Target, CVS, or Petco, please DO NOT use our system. Instead, place your orders on Instacart at


2. If you are using public benefits for your payment such as WIC or SNAP with an EBT card, you must use our public benefits system instead. CLICK HERE.


3. This system is temporary and volunteer driven. ONLY use it if you cannot safely shop on your own; i.e. cannot get to the store because of quarantine or access to transportation. If you have other means of shopping, please use those in order to not overwhelm our system.


There are no fees for this volunteer-driven, United Way of Greater Nashua solution. We ask only that you help cover our credit card processing fees. Here’s how it works:


1. You choose a supermarket from the drop down list for us to shop from.


2. You purchase gift cards on this United Way site for us to use to do your shopping. We will not use gift cards purchased elsewhere for this purpose.


3. You type out your shopping list in the box below.


4. We do your shopping utilizing our volunteers, pay for your groceries with the gift cards you have purchased from this site, and then bring you your groceries.


5. Volunteers will knock on your door or ring your bell to let you know the groceries have arrived, but they will NOT enter your home to carry in or unpack groceries. If you are not home, groceries, gift cards with remaining balance, and receipts will be left on your doorstep. We have no liability for missing, spoiled, or stolen items.


5. Our goal is to get you your groceries within 48 hours, excluding weekends. If you order on Friday, our goal is to get you your groceries by Tuesday. Please plan ahead!


A few qualifications:


1. If there isn’t enough money on the cards to complete your shopping, we will bring you an incomplete set of groceries.


2. We retain the right to have total flexibility to make substitutions for items which aren’t in stock, or to omit these items altogether if not available.


3. We will not do any exchanges or returns for you.


4. If there is money left on the cards after shopping, we will return cards with remaining balances to you for your own personal use. We will not be able to use these cards for this program again.


5. You can place orders 24/7, but we only operate with our volunteers M-F during the day, so please don’t expect to order on the weekend and receive groceries during the weekend.


6. We will not take orders for medications, alcoholic beverages, or tobacco products.


We ask your patience and willingness to be flexible. Remember, this is a volunteer driven system for our community, designed to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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