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Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones Drop In Center (SSDC) is a youth drop in center for unaccompanied homeless youth for ages 12-25.  The main ideas behind SSDC are as follows:

  1.  A 24/7 center, so that kids at risk always have a place to go that is safe.  This is vitally important particularly for homeless kids under 18, since there is absolutely no safe place for them to go if they are alone.
  2. A place where they can always get the basics they need – a safe place to rest, food, showers/bathrooms, a place to keep their stuff, and someone to talk to.
  3. A  place where they become comfortable, so that they can move away from worrying about their safety, and moving towards becoming self-sufficient, happy adults.
  4. A place where they will contribute their time and talents, and in exchange, can earn funds for licenses, training, fun activities and other goods and services.
  5. A place where they can explore new ideas and access other resources.

To learn more and support Stepping Stones, please click HERE.

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