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A Note From A Resource Development Team Member On COVID-19 Response

A Note from a Resource Development Team Member on COVID-19 Response

Each of us is confronting the Coronavirus in different ways. Some are self-quarantining, practicing social distancing, home schooling and yes, some are ill.  All are facing this virus and doing what they can to help their communities. As many of you know I have been volunteering with the United Way of Greater Nashua’s COVID-19 Rapid Response team.


Since its inception the COVID-19 Rapid Response team volunteers have distributed over 8,000 meals to Nashua students in need,  delivered critically needed supplies such as hand sanitizer, PPE equipment and hygiene items and offered support to those who are most in need in our community.


Created jointly with the Rapid Response team, a Rapid Response fund is providing immediate support for nonprofit agencies servicing Greater Nashua. This fund is designed to defray extra-ordinary expenses related to prevention of coronavirus and to maintain services to the community’s most vulnerable.  


This support consists of grants in the amount of up to $500 each as well as the direct purchases of supplies to support our local nonprofits. In the first 10 days of the fund, we’ve made 20 grants and expended over $12K in grants and purchases – but the need is growing rapidly.


Costs being covered by the fund include expenses related to purchasing PPE materials, costs of cleaning supplies, unplanned overtime for crisis response and the costs to convert to online operations. As needs arise, the fund will continue to support these extra-ordinary activities and expenses to keep the community safe.


United Way has committed that 100% of the funds received will be used to support the COVID-19 response, with ZERO going to marketing or administrative expenses.


Want to help? Here is how everyone can be part of this effort. First, if you can volunteer (for those under stay at home orders please follow that guidance.) please do so. For those of you outside Nashua, similar efforts are being established in many communities. For those that are self-quarantining or have other concerns or commitments, please contribute. I have linked both a donation button (for those on Facebook) as well as a contribution link for Nashua’s Rapid Response Fund.  Even if you contribute directly, please consider sharing with your corporate community affairs office for consideration of a corporate donation.  Finally, share, like and forward.  If you got this on Facebook please like and share.  If you received this via e mail, please consider forwarding this message to others so they can hear of this great work.


Any contribution is greatly appreciated, $5 helps supply needed hygiene supplies to a local family, $15 dollars allows us to produce and distribute one gallon of hand sanitizer, $50 purchases a large case of toilet paper that can be distributed to several families and $500 is one grant to a community based organization meeting this crisis head on.


Thank you in advance for your contribution and for reading this long e-mail.  While this crisis at times is overwhelming; we will persevere! Remember, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Be safe, all the best, dd


P.S. You can donate and learn more about the Rapid Response team and the fund at this site.

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