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Nashua Food Distribution Plowing Ahead

Nashua food distribution plowing ahead

During the COVID-19 crisis, United Way volunteers and community partners have continued to make great progress distributing food to local families.


As of this past Friday, the school breakfast and lunch program had distributed 25,474 nutritious meals to local school children, operating across the city in 10 schools and 16 bus stops.


The program uses United Way volunteers to distribute meals prepared by the Nashua School District, along with produce and frozen meals Fridays courtesy of the Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter, and with logistical support from the Nashua Transit System and the Boys & Girls Club.


The program also is delivering lunches and breakfasts to homebound students, currently serving 23 students, three days per week.


In addition, four days per week, United Way volunteers are distributing fresh produce to the community, with support from NSK&S as well as the Nashua YMCA.


This program, having just launched, already has served 157 local families. What’s more, United Way volunteers are offering home delivery for local pantry clients from NSK&S, Salvation Army, and Corpus Christi Food Pantry, having already helped 12 families to gain food access.


Lastly, United Way’s volunteer-driven grocery shopping and delivery services, SHOP UNITED, already has helped 18 families to get food access, regardless of whether they are using public benefits or not.


More information about these programs can be found on United Way’s Covid-19 page at


This article was originally published in The Nashua Telegraph.

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